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Republicans have shown true to form in their united front in the “War On Civility” and in the wake of yesterday’s memorial, and they wasted little time trying to portray themselves as the victims of this entire incident, which began say, oh I don’t know, within hours of the shootings?

Well, the latest hypocrisy from the “up is down” world of the conservative mind is this one, from The Hill:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) accused liberals of wanting to “manufacture” a political controversy over conservatives’ rhetoric even before the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

Paul, in dismissing the notion that alleged shooter Jared Loughner was motivated by political ideology, accused some Democrats of trying to exploit the attack as a way of boxing in Republicans.

“Well, these are the kind of things that I think some on the left decided to manufacture even before the events occur…

“I’m not surprised that they do it,” Paul said of the attacks on rhetoric. “I do think they should be ashamed of themselves for doing it and [it] really just has no place in this discussion.”

Yes, those who point out the dangerous behavior should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. Coming fresh off of his arm-chair psychiatric-ophthalmologist diagnosis of Jared Lee Loughner as a paranoid schizophrenic, I suppose this shouldn’t be too surprising.

Also coming from the Department of What Would You Expect? it comes on the heels of another ugly incident. You’ll recall that during Rand Paul’s campaign for the Senate, a young woman had her head stomped on at one of his events for holding up a sign in protest. There too the blame was placed on the “stompee” rather than the “stomper” who then went on camera to say he thought she should apologize to him.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that there will be more of the same coming from this crowd, because as we all saw yesterday, their own ever classless national embarrassment that is Sarah Palin kicked off the disgusting “Blame The Victim Game” (which of course Republicans never play themselves, except when they do) along with a little anti-semitism thrown in just to spice the rhetoric she never uses up a notch or two for sport. She may be the most honest one in the party. She didn’t retreat, she reloaded. And then some.

Sorry, but this won’t fly. There’s a lot more of these “incidents” out there to point to, and no doubt there may be worse coming if the last 24 hours are a guide.

Blaming the dead and wounded victims may work for some of the heartless, gutless, loyal followers of the GOP, the Tea Party, and/or the Conservatives, whichever title it is they choose, but there are more of us out there who are actually human, and that was clearly illustrated last night during the memorial service which they mocked right out of the gate.

Blame is pretty hard to deny when it’s staring you in the face.

Or should I say staring up at you from the curb underneath your boot?


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I’ve written before that I thought Jeb Bush was working behind the scenes for the Tea Baggers. Now it seems he’s gone public as an official member. He’s planning to appear at a fundraiser for a Tea Party candidate, and no, I’m not talking about Marco Rubio.

It’s Rand Paul:

Tea party favorite Rand Paul is getting help from a well-known Republican later this month, when Jeb Bush will attend a fundraiser for the Kentucky Senate candidate.

Paul’s campaign said Friday that the former Florida governor will attend the fundraiser July 26 at a private home in the Louisville area. Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton said tickets will start at $1,000 per person.

For a candidate who attacks President Obama for being too hard on BP and thinks the poor people in the U.S. are pretty darn lucky, I can’t say I’m surprised Jeb is supporting Rand Paul, can you?

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This morning after downing the pre-required four-plus cups of coffee, I turned on the Saturday MSNBC morning “news” because like everyone else along the Gulf Coast, I wanted the latest “Today In Oil” update.

Anyone who watches MSNBC on the weekends knows that they’re in for a whopping double dose of “Not Ready For Prime Or Any Other Time Buchanan.” Pat’s like a well known old fossil, or barnacle that they apparently can’t quite chisel off the studio chairs. Now, he’s not to be confused with that other ever-ready fixture-fossil Mike Barnicle, who is actually more like a fossil than a barnacle in that he does actually move around on occasion. But I digress.

Getting back to the point. Pat. He’s ALWAYS there, double on the weekends. This morning was no different. Last time I saw him, there he was in all his bigoted glory complaining that there might be too many “Jews” on the Supreme Court. That was the last I heard before – Click!

This time what was the complaint? “Big Government” of course. Except not for the reasons you might expect. He wasn’t whining about too much government interference in (fill in the blank), no, no. He was complaining that there wasn’t enough government. In Pat’s mind the government (I think we all know he means Obama) just hasn’t done enough about the oil spill. “Where are they?” “Why aren’t they doing more?” “Why aren’t they cleaning up this mess?” “WHY??”

Now, you can agree or disagree with him on whether they’re doing enough. Knock yourself out. But what bugs me here is this: All these right wingers, GOP-Tea Baggers, or in other words: Pat can’t have it both ways. You can’t sit there and say “Keep Big Government Out Of My Business” or “Hands Off My Medicare” or “NO TAXES!” and then turn around when there’s a disaster (or in the case of taxes, a road to drive your pickup on), and scratch your head and say “Where is the government when I need them?” Pat can’t sit there and whine 24-7 about how bad government is, or pound his fists and say “Free market!” or “What’s wrong with capitalism?”

They want their “free market!” Well, last time I did my research, BP was a darned good example of everything Pat and his winger pals define as “Free market” and then some. Look at their profits. You can’t take a huge oil company, give them free rein without the burden of regulations, and when they blow up a rig and spew enough oil and gas to fill up the Gulf Of Mexico (maybe two, we’re still counting) and then turn around and say “When will the government arrive to suck up this mess?” and then turn a deaf ear as that company leaves the mess for the government and its taxpayers to fix and pay for (oops, there we go again, “TAXES BAD!”) and walks away whistling a happy tune as they hand out bonuses like drunken sailors in an oil tanker. Wrong. It makes no sense, unless you’re not too bright.

And while we’re on the subject of “stupid,” the same goes for the two newest “Male Palin Makeovers” Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Last week Rubio took off his suit jacket in order to pose for pictures with fishermen in the Panhandle whose business is suffering from the oil spill. What was his “pronouncement” in less than 140 characters? (good for him that’s all Twitter-torials allow, because he doesn’t have a whole lot to say) “Fed Govt has made life miserable for them.” Uh, no. Those companies that blew up the rig? Those are the guys that made life miserable for them. More than miserable in fact, as they might well go out of business. Then they’ll really need your help. But again, as we’re all learning now: “No Government Handouts!” “Free Market!” Rubio probably didn’t mention that part to them I guess.

That brings us to Rand Paul. (And don’t confuse him with Pat Buchanan. He’s the younger one with more hair. Oh, and he doesn’t appear on MSNBC. Anymore. Ha! Yay Rachel!) I really think he and Palin compare palms, because he’s nearly as dim. His reaction to the whole oil spill problem was….what was the term? Oh yes, stupid:

1. That Obama was Un-American for his criticism of British Petroleum.

2. “Accidents happen.”

3. “Now if you’ll excuse me, Rachel Maddow scared me, so I’m off to cancel my “Meet The Press” appearance.”

When you’re prone to making idiotic and easily challenged statements Rand definitely is pulling a Palin. Unfortunately, he also has an ego bigger than both their heads, so you just know he’ll do it again.

That leaves one more player from the “Government Is Evil” crowd. Bobby Jindal. Those of us who watched his painful Republican response to Obama’s State Of The Union Address know him as “Kenneth.” Now he’ll be known for, among other things, crouching amid a big slick of oil on the Louisiana Coast in a picture from AP. He blew off Big Government when the cameras were rolling, and then went all over his state handing out stimulus checks like he was Santa Claus when he thought the cameras were off. He’s also the guy who mocked volcano monitoring (pshaw!) and then an actual volcano blew. But hey, they don’t have any volcanos in Louisiana, so no worries! And then way before he even had to care one way or another if another hurricane hit the Ninth Ward, boom! There goes an oil rig. First he cried wolf on “Big Government,” now he’s crying for the wolf to bail him out.

Unfortunately for those living in Louisiana, and the entire Gulf Coast, “Kenneth” and his “Free Market” pals have gotten us all into quite the predicament. They’ve really screwed things up royally this time. They deregulated themselves right into a bigger mess than they OR the government knows how to fix.

I suppose you could call it Karma for those wing-nuts who want to have it both ways. For the rest of us though it’s reality.

And reality bites. Be sure and reward them a bit of “reality” at the polls this November.

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