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Two more endorsements came out today for Florida Attorney General.

GOP-Tea Party candidate Pam Bondi got her anti-health care lawsuit endorsement from National Federation of Independent Business, a plaintiff in that lawsuit.

Democrat Dan Gelber, on the other hand, got an endorsement from the Florida Nurses Association.

From The Tampa Tribune:

The candidates for Attorney General have both won endorsements because of their stances on the state’s challenge to the federal health care reform.

Republican Attorney General nominee Pam Bondi’s pledge to continue the challenge has won her the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business.

“Floridians do not want and cannot afford this unconstitutional federal health care law, which I believe is the most expansive entitlement program ever created,” Bondi said.

The NFIB is a plaintiff in the lawsuit currently being heard in Pensacola.

Gelber’s support for the healthcare legislation that went into effect last week won him support from the Florida Nurses Association.

“Dan Gelber has been a long time advocate for Florida families and our members know we can count on him to fight the rampant Medicaid fraud in Florida that is costing taxpayers billions and limiting access to quality medical care for our most vulnerable citizens,” FNA President Andrea Gregg said.

Gelber has called the healthcare lawsuit frivolous and has predicted the federal government would prevail.

“Our nurses see on a daily basis how accessibility to quality medical care can make a world of difference in a person’s life, and I look forward to working with them to fight Medicaid fraud so that we can reduce costs to taxpayers and provide more Floridians with the care they need,” Gelber said.

What does that tell you?


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Before the 2008 Presidential election, and long after, the GOP raised a fuss by scaring people into thinking President Obama would take their guns away. It caused massive gun and ammunition shortages all over the country.

Well, here we are almost two years later, and I would just like to point out that I don’t believe the President has taken a single gun from a single owner as yet. Chances are he won’t either, as he hasn’t cracked down on gun laws; far from it. But some people still want to make an issue out of it. Don’t forget about crazy Sharron Angle in Nevada. Why, if she doesn’t win her election this fall, she plans on resorting to Second Amendment remedies!

Over the weekend there was a gun show in Jacksonville, and just about everyone in the Republican Party of Florida showed up to schmooze and tout their gun cred while boasting about each of their ratings from the NRA. I’m not a gun person, but I guess the true measure of a man (or woman?) is the size of their NRA rating? Whatever.

Yes, the GOP had a real “blast” at the gun show and all vowed to protect the Second Amendment at all costs if elected. In attendance was Marco Rubio, who said:

“The Second Amendment is one of the distinctive features of our Constitution,” Rubio told a cheering crowd.

Rubio added that, if elected, he would take the Second Amendment into consideration when he voted for judges to the Supreme Court of the United States. “It’s not about the laws we pass,” he said. “It’s about the judges.”

While Democratic nominee U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek and Gov. Charlie Crist, a former Republican who is now running without party affiliation, backed President Barack Obama’s appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, Rubio opposed the nomination.

Rubio spent a half-hour attending the gun show, meeting with vendors and even quickly trying on a ballistic vest. He also met with volunteers who were manning a table for the statewide Republican candidates and some local candidates including Sen. John Thrasher of Jacksonville and Mike Yost who is challenging incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown.

Candidate for Governor, Rick Scott was also there in between Tea Bagger events, no doubt bragging about his recently received “A” rating from the NRA.

Also there:

Sen. JohnThrasher, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, whose district office is in Jacksonville, attended the show accompanied by Senate President Jeff Atwater of North Palm Beach, the Republican candidate for state CFO, and former Assistant State Attorney Pam Bondi, the GOP candidate for  attorney general.

“We’re proud every one of us has been backed by the NRA,” said Thrasher.

Why yes, I can’t think of anything more admirable than a backing from the NRA.

Not to be out done, Pam Bondi bragged about her big “A” rating while chastising Dem. rival Dan Gelber for his “F” rating:

“I am very blessed to receive an ‘A’-rating from the NRA,” said Bondi, who engaged in friendly banter with Atwater — saying the fact she has never held elective office prevented her from getting an “A-plus” — the grade the NRA gave to the Senate president.  Bondi also commented on the grade received by another senator, Dan Gelber of Miami Beach, the Democratic candidate in the attorney general race. “My opponent has an ‘F’,” she said.

Bondi won cheers for vowing to fight for Second Amendment rights and for pledging to defend the 10th Amendment — and continue the legal challenge launched by current Attorney General Bill McCollum against new, President Barack Obama-backed federal health-care laws.

Just to show what a tough cookie she is, Bondi apparently not only thinks if you happen to get shot, no biggie, BUT you can also just forget about any medical attention should you get in the way of a stray bullet out on the street, or in your own home, which recently happened in the Tampa Bay area.

But let’s get back to measuring NRA ratings, shall we?

Atwater was clearly pleased by the “A-plus” grade he received from the NRA — as well as the association’s endorsement Friday.

“On a day that celebrates the wisdom of the founders who established our nation and created our Constitution, it is a great honor to have my work to protect our freedoms acknowledged,” Atwater said Friday, when the NRA announced it was backing his campaign over Democratic nominee Loranne Ausley, a former state representative.

“No other candidate in this race has the background of dedicated legislative service that you have demonstrated to the cause of freedom, the Second Amendment and protection of constitutional rights,” wrote Marion Hammer of the NRA to Atwater.

Bill Bunting, who handles Second Amendment issues for the RPOF and is a Republican state committeeman from Pasco County, praised the candidates for their commitment to the right to bear arms and for going through NRA and concealed-weapons classes. He especially praised Bondi’s marksmanship.

Yes, how about little Annie Oakley, huh?

So no worries to anyone out there stowing away your guns and ammo in your bunkers.

The RPOF has you covered!

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It’s raining in Florida, which usually means a low voter turnout. It’s also the first day of school in some areas. Which means voter turnout: worse! In Hillsborough County, as of 10:00 a.m., only 2.7% of voters had cast their ballot.

By the same time in Pinellas County, only 1.7% had cast theirs, but 14.7% of Pinellas voted early.

As I said earlier via Twitter:

Hint: B.!!!! Now go!

Bill McCollum (R-Tea Bagger-FOX-GOPTV) has already pronounced himself a winner, declaring “we’ve overcome” Republican opponent Rick Scott. No word on whether his entourage broke out in a chorus of “We shall overcome….”

Meanwhile Rick Scott sent out videos of himself voting. How very “regular guy” and so original. One could simply forget he’s just another millionaire who escaped Medicare fraud charges, am I right?

Maybe McCollum has “overcome” Scott, or maybe he hasn’t, depending on which poll you look at:

The latest polls show McCollum leading Scott, but the margin is slender – a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday had him up by just 4 percentage points, after a Mason-Dixon poll released Saturday had him up by 9 points. And a telephone “robo-poll” by Public Policy Polling had Scott up by 7 points, though that was within the poll’s margin of error.

In the U.S. Senate race, millionaire Jeff Greene (D?-Sure Whatever) continued to campaign “Giuliani style” on election day as he’s been doing, except for all the TV ads, free food-school supply block parties, photo ops with the family, and one proving that his Mom voted for him early over the weekend. As of this morning his schedule was thus:

9:00 a.m.: Vote


7:00 p.m.: Watch returns.

Good luck with that. At the rate he’s going, he’ll likely lose “Giuliani style” as well.

Update I: as I was writing this: Greene has now added a couple of campaign stops to his previously empty schedule.

Update II: I still say he pulls out a “Giuliani” ending.

Democrat Kendrick Meek has a full schedule as always today, with stops throughout Miami, Delray Beach, Plantation, and Hollywood so far.

From the Florida Independent:

This pattern was repeated throughout the campaign, as Meek ran an 11-day bus tour throughout the state, qualified for the ballot by getting 145,000 signatures on a petition and ran much longer hours than Greene, who began his days at 11 a.m. Despite never having run in a competitive race, Meek was simply a more hard-working campaigner, shaking hands with the Democratic party base and unions, and exciting supporters at rallies with his longtime ally, Bill Clinton.

A “hard-working candidate.” Quite a refreshing change for that seat, don’t you think? Start packing, Sen. Stand-In LeMieux.

As for the other candidates who will be competing with Meek come November? Word on the street is that both Charlie Crist (I) and Marco Rubio (R-Tea Bagger-FOX-GOPTV) are both struggling to remain relevant. Whatever. Knock yourselves out.

And while we’re on the subject of Tea Baggers, if you got a robo-call on behalf of Attorney General candidate Pam Bondi (R-Tea Bagger-FOX-GOPTV) that gave you flashbacks from 2008, along with newly recurring nightmares, then yes. That was indeed Screech Palin on the phone. Don’t worry though, it will probably be the last. The candidates she endorses don’t fare well. Bye-bye Bondi! (Insert “Law and Order” theme here.)

To be continued….

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It looks like Sarah Palin has picked up a new member to add to her “stable” of Pink Elephants and Momma Grizzlies endorsees: Pam Bondi (R) candidate for Florida Attorney General. That should bode well for Bondi shouldn’t it? That Sarah Palin stamp of approval? Maybe not.

The Palin endorsement record of late should have candidates running away from Palin, but apparently Bondi didn’t get the memo. She proudly gave herself a shout out for scoring Palin’s endorsement yesterday on her website and in notes on her Facebook page. (Hm, where did she get that idea?) If Bondi is like Sarah’s other recent endorsed candidates, she may well kiss her hopes for being the next Attorney General goodbye.

One can certainly see why Palin would endorse Bondi though. She has many similarities to Palin. A look at Bondi’s webpage shows she’s short on issues, aside from the fact that she likes guns, wants immigration laws similar to Arizona, and wants to end health care reforms for Floridians. She’s also been a commentator for FOX-GOP-TV. And speaking of FOX-GOP-TV, she recently campaigned at one of Sean Hannity’s “Freedom Concerts” which claims it donates, or rather “aids greatly” to scholarships for the children of our troops. The group faces scrutiny for its claims, something a candidate for Attorney General might take into consideration when appearing with them, but that doesn’t look too important to her, nor her GOP colleagues. Sure, whatever. And what good GOP candidate doesn’t get out there and wrap themselves in the flag for political purposes when it’s to their benefit? Another favorite tactic of Palin’s.

Pam Bondi goes even further than Palin when it comes to her lack of political smarts: she’s not big on voting herself. That’s right, she didn’t bother to vote in the last Presidential election. (Did anyone tell Sarah?)

Bondi only met Sarah this past May, but then how well do you really need to know someone when campaign cash is involved, am I right? And it’s a good thing she’s getting those contributions now, because Sarah’s value as a speaker is quickly falling. Palin is coming back to Florida next week for a speaking engagement at an anti-abortion event called “An Evening Of Hope” hosted by Heroic Media, the anti-abortion media group sponsor, for the benefit of Republican Party Of Florida head John Thrasher who apparently doesn’t have enough anti-abortion cred and needs the boost from Palin. Sadly, that may not be enough anymore, because Palin has been “marked down.”

It seems not enough people are interested in catching Palin and crew this time around. So few that the venue had to be moved to a smaller location. From 3,000 seats to 609. As it is, tickets are going from $50 to $100, but people aren’t buying. There’s no mention how much Heroic Media had to shell out for the Pain speaking fee, but if it’s the usual going rate, they will lose a lot of money. Bummer.

Pam Bondi may be pleased with herself now that she’s the newest member of Sarah Palin’s “pink elephants” club, but the odds are more in favor that her win as the Republican candidate for Attorney General will be wishful thinking.  Or like those pink elephants, a mere hallucination.

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Over the weekend Florida Attorney General and candidate for governor, Bill McCollum, campaigned on his “Real Solutions New Jobs Bus Tour.” On the third day of the tour Saturday, he sent out a message on Twitter about a concert he was attending. It was a “Sean Hannity Freedom Concert.”

Freedom Alliance, founded by Lt. Col. Oliver North, is the organization that gets all of the net proceeds from ticket sales and merchandise from the Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts, which in turn “aids greatly” in Freedom Alliance’s effort to assist hundreds of families who have lost their loved ones while they were protecting and defending our nation and our freedoms.”

Note the words: “aids greatly.” Back in March, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Sean Hannity, his Freedom Concerts, Freedom Alliance and Lt. Col. Oliver North which alleged that:

Hannity and Freedom Concerts have engaged in illegal and deceptive marketing practices by suggesting that all money generated by ticket sales for the Freedom Concerts he sponsors each summer goes to scholarships for children of killed and wounded service members. In fact, the concerts are staged by Premiere Marketing, which is headed by Duane Ward – also the head of Premiere Speakers Bureau, which exclusively represents Mr. Hannity and Lt. Col. North. After staging the concerts, Premiere donates an unknown portion of the concert proceeds to the Freedom Alliance.

According to CREW, Hannity promoted the concerts on his show and claimed:

“Every penny, 100 percent of the donations are applied to the Freedom Alliance scholarship fund.” Similarly, promoting the concert on Hannity’s program, Lt. Col. North has said, “There’s no overhead. There’s no expenses taken out. Every penny that’s donated or that’s raised through things like the Freedom Concerts” goes to the scholarship fund.” In addition, Hannity has pledged that all the proceeds of his new book, “Conservative Victory,” will go to Freedom Alliance.

CREW states that copies of the complaints were also sent to the attorney generals of the states in which concerts are scheduled to be held this summer.

States like Florida, which hosted the concert in Orlando. The Freedom Concert that Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum attended, and wrote about in those Tweets above, and in a “blog entry” about the concert and Freedom Alliance on his campaign website.

From McCollum’s website:

Later in the day, the RV made its way to Orlando for the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert. Backstage, Bill met with Lt. Col. Ollie North. On the stage, Bill fired up the crowd and expressed his appreciation for those who have and continue to serve our nation.  As a veteran and a father to a soldier, Bill was proud to participate in the Freedom Concert, which has raised over $10 million for the Freedom Alliance and the families of permanently disabled soldiers since 2003.

From the Freedom Alliance website:

Since 2003, over $10 million has been raised for the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund through the Freedom Concerts and generous donations from the Sean Hannity Show and its listeners. The Scholarship Fund is designated for the education of children of U.S. service members who have been killed or 100% permanently disabled in an operational mission or training accident. Freedom Alliance receives all net proceeds from ticket sales and merchandise, aiding greatly in Freedom Alliance’s effort to assist hundreds of families who have lost their loved ones while they were protecting and defending our nation and our freedoms.

Also according to CREW, when Freedom Alliance first formed, the IRS conditioned its charitable tax status on the organization removing politically partisan materials from its website and warned it not to intervene in political campaigns.

So, if the Florida Attorney General knows about this, since he would have received notice from CREW, wouldn’t you think that the Attorney General, now also candidate for Governor, might want to steer his campaign clear of such an organization, whether it boasts giving 100% of its proceeds to families of the troops, or whether it just “aids them greatly” in their efforts? As a “veteran and father of a soldier” is he proud to participate with an organization whose actual support for the troops is being looked at by the Federal Trade Commission? As of June 2, the complaint had made its way to the Florida Division of Consumer Services, and the organization, as this letter shows. Wouldn’t the organization also want to stay away from political campaigns and candidates, since they have been aware of a conflict of sorts since 1993 when they formed? No?

And not just Bill McCollum and those affiliated with the organizations. Bill McCollum wasn’t the only one there:

First Gubernatorial candidates Rick Scott and Bill McCollum said a few words, then Sean introduced Marco Rubio as the next U.S. Senator from Florida;) Rubio was then followed by the GOP candidates for Attorney General, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, Holly Benson and Pam Bondi.

Attorney General, Governor, U.S. Senate. Looks like Florida’s GOP candidates have this one covered.

Is this “supporting the troops” or exploiting the troops?

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