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Here are just a couple of things you’ll see and hear very little about in the mainstream media about President Obama’s health care reform law:

On the ruling yesterday that PART of the health care reform bill is unconstitutional:

Henry E. Hudson, the federal judge in Virginia who just ruled health care reform unconstitutional, owns between $15,000 and $50,000 in a GOP political consulting firm that worked against health care reform.

Most of the reports I’ve read and heard on this are neglecting to mention Judge Henry E. Hudson’s ties to the GOP.

Then there’s this, which surprisingly many people are still unaware of:

Clients lobbying on H.R.3200

Just an FYI for those who actually believe that lawmakers have only the best interests of their constituents at heart.

As hard as it is to believe, there are those who actually do.

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I am getting so sick of turning on the television and waiting for the so-called “media” to start doing their job.

Because so few of them do anymore, when it comes to cable “news” I have stopped watching most of it. I have NEVER watched FOX for obvious reasons. I gave up on CNN long ago, and I hear it’s just as bad as FOX these days, more recently when they hired a right-wing blogger who I’ve read spoke of his ideas about dealing with Census workers that involved guns.

The only cable “news” I watch anymore is MSNBC, and with a few exceptions, they aren’t much better. I’ll mention those exceptions here because I think they deserve credit for standing up and doing the right thing rather than selling out for ratings, or whatever the reasons the others have, or that motivates their rhetoric. (I’m only mentioning those that I watch, so if there are other examples who I’m leaving out it’s because I’m unaware of them.) The MSNBC hosts with standards and morals are: Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz.

That being said, again, is it too much to ask that the others start doing their jobs? Specifically I’m talking about the recent incidences where people are out there inciting violence. Instead of calling them out on it, these members of the “media” are all but glorifying it. When is enough, enough for these people?

I’ll give you a mild example. Last night I turned on Hardball. Here were Chris Matthews and his “BFF” Pat Buchanan (why Buchanan is still given a voice on MSNBC is beyond me, but that’s another post entirely) singing the praises of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin who were campaigning together yesterday. Matthews was absolutely giddy as he described them as “dazzling” and kept repeating over and over again that they were the “new faces of the GOP.” The two of them were in such a celebratory mood that I half expected them to pop the cork on some bubbly before they were finished.

But that champagne wasn’t the only thing that was missing. Did Matthews make any mention that, as a “new face of the GOP” Michele Bachmann says things like she wanted the people of Minnesota “armed and dangerous” to “fight back” over President Obama’s plans to reduce global warming? No?

Or how about when Palin once again repeated her don’t retreat, “reload” comment while fully aware that members of Congress have been threatened and arrests have been made in some cases, at least one of which was listed on her SarahPAC map of “targets.” You know, the one with the crosshairs on each targeted office. Did Matthews mention this, or any of her other countless hateful comments that hint at violence? No?

Mind you, these aren’t Tea Baggers holding up signs in protest while wearing funny hats with tea bags hanging from the rims. These are former and current elected officials making these comments. Granted, Palin did quit to become a performer on FOX, but that didn’t stop Bachmann from introducing her as “Governor Sarah Palin” and Palin is still holding herself out as a person of authority, and of course these members of the “media” are only too happy to oblige, enabling her along the way as she rolls out her campaign of hate.

Does Matthews condone hate speech and threats of violence? Is this what he wants as ‘the new face of the GOP?” Sure sounds like it.

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For those of us who were counting on hope and change after our last Presidential election, the past year has been a big disappointment. We’ve come to the sad realization that some things may never change.

Of course I’m talking about the farce of the “Liberal Media” and their continuing role as the enabler of the GOP. The role they played with the Bush Administration for eight years, including rolling over while Bush and Cheney moved ahead with their war of choice (and profits) being one of the worst examples, sadly has continued since the election. In my opinion, it’s gotten even worse.

There are a few exceptions. There are still a few members of the media who call them out, like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann to name a couple, who aren’t afraid to call out Obama and the Democrats as well when they see fit, and rightfully so. We could use a LOT more like them. Instead, we get more of the same.

Instead of pointing out what progress was made in the past year, what are we getting from the media? Just a parade of GOP talking points, and the infamous “blame game” that we weren’t allowed to play when Bush was in charge, which is now up and running again at warp-speed. Everything bad that has happened in the last nine years is now magically all Obama’s fault. As for the positive things he’s done in the past year? “What positive things?”


The most recent evidence of this nonsense has been the stimulus. The GOP, courtesy of the “media” tell us that it was very bad, created no jobs, and was a complete failure bordering on the apocalypse! Unless you were watching those exceptions to the media rule, you would have missed the part where all these GOP hypocrites were busy little beavers writing letters asking for the very same funds for their states, while happily skipping back home to their districts just in time for a photo-op with a giant check presentation, and taking all the credit for jobs saved. But make no mistake, the stimulus didn’t work!

Get ready for of the same this week with the upcoming health care summit, no doubt they will just pick up where they left off before the bill stalled. While you may think you want health care reform, you are wrong! Really! The Grand Obstructionist Party will be all over the airwaves this week telling you that you DO NOT want health care reform! What you DO want is tort reform. You also have no interest in health care reform because you want jobs! Of course, when it comes time to work on a jobs bill, then you will want something else. You are just so demanding, and yet so needy! Rest assured, the GOP will help you just as Bush did before, just as soon as you put them back in control three years from now! Help is on the way!

Below is a preview of what I think we will probably see more of this week. The GOP will play the media this way, just like they always do. For those of you who watch Morning Jackass Joe and his parrot Mika, I know this could almost be mistaken for a clip from that show (except that this “Joe” is attractive). I suppose it could be, but this is just what I think of when I see just about any daytime cable “news” show along with their GOP “guests and experts” on any given day. This week it’s health care. Next week, who knows.

So without further adieu, I give you the GOP and the “Liberal Media Rag”:

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Give Sarah a pair of gloves and hide all the Sharpies, STAT!

Sarah Palin is coming to Florida again to make a couple of her high-priced ticket “appearances”, but perhaps because of her recent incident in front of the cameras where she was caught not being able to memorize more than three or four talking points at a time, she’s back to her old tricks. Banning the media!

Not only is the press not allowed to attend unless they pay for the privilege, (unless they work for FOX?) but she has also taken steps to ban all photography, video and audio recording. (Again, FOX?)

Golly those precious pearls of Palin wisdom shall be missed………Let me guess, given that it’s been rather nippy down here by Florida standards lately, I’ll just bet there will be more than a few Global Warming, Climate-Changey’ barbs slung Al Gore’s way dontcha’ think?

She will be making appearances in Daytona Beach, attending the Daytona 500 (a VERY dangerous place for palm reading I would imagine. Just sayin’.) and she will be speaking at the Orange County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Dinner. She’ll also be doing a few more book signings. I guess there are so many leftover copies of her book that even Palin isn’t willing to plunk down enough cash to buy them all herself.

From The Orlando Sentinel:

The rules for each event — set by Palin’s agents, the sponsors say — bar media photographs as well as audio or video recordings. The media can buy a ticket and take notes like everyone else.

The speaking fees Palin will receive from both events also are not being disclosed.

“These are the terms of the contract that were presented to us,” said Orange County Republican Party Chairman Lew Oliver, who said he is ecstatic that the GOP “rock star” will headline his group’s annual major fundraising event.

Oliver acknowledged that previous Lincoln Day dinner speakers — mostly elected officials and political hopefuls — have sought media coverage. However, he said, “this is an unusual circumstance.”

Unusual because of the banned media coverage, or unusual because of Sarah’s choice of memory recognition aids?

Her March 12 appearance at the Rosen Shingle Creek resort in Orlando also offers a $1,000-per-person private reception and photo with Palin.

Oliver said up to 3,000 could attend the Orlando event, and $50,000 in tickets have been sold already. Palin’s Daytona speech was such a hot ticket that the chamber dinner was moved from the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort to the Ocean Center, the county-run convention center.

Oliver said he’s pitching it as a Palin weekend and hopes out-of-town folks show up. The fact that media are not invited is one less headache, he said.

“We just want a big, giant, wildly pro-Palin, pro-Republican event,” Oliver said.

Let me think, Sarah Palin, lots of Republicans with money to burn, and absolutely no transparency. Should be a great success!

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Oh the hypocrisy that flows from the scrambled brains of Sarah Palin, will it never end?

The woman who, had she been elected as Vice President last year, wanted to make the choice for all women that THEY would have no choice when it came to abortion, is on the cover of  “In Touch” magazine, posing with her daughter, son, and grandchild, along with the headline:

“We’re Glad We Chose Life”

Of course this is hardly the first time Sarah’s been confused by big words like “choice.” But this appears to be one of the harder ones for her to grasp. The last time she talked about making such a “choice” publicly I believe was that little chat she had with Katie Couric before the election, and if I’m not mistaken, by Palin’s own admission, it was one of those “gotcha'” questions. She also confessed at a paid  Pro-Life event that was closed to the press that she considered an abortion herself before giving birth to her youngest son who appears on the magazine with her.

Memo to Sarah: you had the CHOICE and CHOSE life. Your daughter had the CHOICE and CHOSE life. That’s great, you made great choices! But you both had the right to make your own decision. “Choice” is really not a complicated word. Look it up!

In a d-i-c-t-i-o-n–a-r-y.

Worse still, from the “Mother of all exploiters of her own children,” Palin has no problem with the magazine quoting her daughter, while talking about her baby doing things like screaming for a lengthy period, as saying:

“What am I going to do? This is as bad as it gets.”

What kind of mother, and grandmother makes the “choice” to say things like that in a cheap gossip magazine about their own children and grandchildren? Sure, taking care of a baby is hard work, but to publicly make a habit of saying things like “this is as bad as it gets?” How will that child feel when he reads that in the future? And what about that “Media Filter” Sarah always talks about? I guess cold hard cash for interviews opens up that sieve pretty quickly! “Choice” words for a price, huh Sarah?

It isn’t just the big choices in life, but even little everyday choices that have consequences. Wouldn’t it be great for those children if Palin were to stop and think about that before she speaks or acts next time?

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I was going to title this short post as “Dumb And Dumber” but then I realized what a tough pick it would be to try and figure out which was which: Sarah Palin or Carrie Prejean. I for one can’t decide.

I was away for a few days, so I wasn’t able to post this when it appeared, and since this week will largely be the “Sarah Palin Going Down In Flames Rogue” book review and “Palin all over the news” week, I thought I would post it now before it gets lost in the shuffle. I’m also writing about it because I think it’s so ridiculous. Not to mention that I read somewhere that Sarah Palin fancies this young woman as somewhat of a role model (?) for her own daughter Bristol. Yes, well, whatever…..

Last week Carrie Prejean was interviewed by  “Christianity Today” magazine, and was asked about things like gay marriage, and of course, the boobs. It was the latter question and it’s answer that got my attention:

On reconciling her breast implants with her Christian faith:
No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting breast implants as a Christian. I think it’s a personal decision.

I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn’t get breast implants.

So there you have it. Is it a far reach to say that, no doubt she thinks the sex tape was OK too? (“Laaarryee, you’re being inappropriate!”) Because I don’t think the Bible says anything about sex tapes either.

The former beauty queen has made the complete transformation into a “royal boob.” Just like Sarah Palin!

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Update to my post from Oct. 17 – “Liz Cheney Regrets She Cannot Attend”

As predicted, Rachel Maddow dared Liz Cheney to come on her show last night (10-19) for that “debate” Liz claims MSNBC is “afraid” to have with her. Also, as predicted, Darthess Vader has chosen to appear on GOP TV FOX with Sean Hannity instead (in the same time-slot, I might add) because he will naturally say anything she wants him to say. Easy. She’ll probably give him a script to study beforehand too.

Just like her father, she is truly a coward.

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(Updated on 10-20, Below)

Liz Cheney started her very own new “Let’s all hate Obama club” recently, did you hear?

Apparently she was getting jealous of crazy Sarah Palin who was getting all the attention with all of her hate groups and hate social media sites, fund the hate sites, and hate twitters, so she decided “Hey, I’m completely unhinged too, why not give it a try? Plus, my dad shoots people in the face, he doesn’t hide out in a helicopter to do it.”

So she started this little club and slapped on a real cute and original title: “Keep America Safe From Freedom.(Liz, Liz, come on now, who are you trying to kid?) I gather the main goals of the group are to, of course, trash talk Obama, and promote torture and evil throughout the land. Of course, if you’re going to promote you’ve got to advertise.

Oh my, what a coincidence! Hence comes a brand new scary ad from Darthess Vader herself, and just in time for Halloween! It’s so frightening it even says “What Are They So Afraid Of?” The “Afraids” she speaks of are none other than a bunch of people over at MSNBC who I believe have tapped their fingernails waiting for her to respond to their requests for interviews for a while now and heard nothing but crickets. She mocks them mocking her for starting the group in the ad, which says “Why don’t they want to talk substance? Why are they panicked? Why don’t they want to debate the issues?” (Why, coincidentally, does this ad come right around the same time Poppy Bush attacked some of the very same people just yesterday? Insert pipe organ music here.)

Why doth Liz project so much? Well, because the “I’m wrong all the time” apple doesn’t fall far from the “still wrong all the time tree.” She’s just wrong. I do believe that some of those she speaks of; Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, and Chris Matthews, have indeed extended her invitations, and she has rudely ignored them and spends all her time instead on GOP TV FOX where she can mold the talking heads there like clay.

Not only is she wrong, she’s also not too bright. She just put out an ad that will only illuminate the stupid on her part, because the invitations are gonna come even more fast and furious now, and she is a coward. She’ll never go on those shows, anymore than she has before. What’s even better, she left out the one person on MSNBC I’ll bet she fears the most. You may have noticed there was no mention of Rachel Maddow in that ad. She no doubt has seen others appear with Maddow who thought they could just play the talking points filibuster with her and roll over her and get away with it. And fail at it badly. (Tim Phillips from Americans For Prosperity comes to mind.) Plus, a regular Maddow watcher myself, she has extended invitations to little Liz, loud and clear, and quite recently. Liz apparently heard those too.

Yes, I look forward to the flood of RSVP’s going out to Liz in the near future.

Bring on the crickets:


As predicted, Rachel Maddow dared Liz Cheney to come on her show last night (10-19) for that “debate” Liz claims MSNBC is “afraid” to have with her. Also, as predicted, Darthess Vader has chosen to appear on GOP TV FOX with Sean Hannity instead (in the same time-slot, I might add) because he will naturally say anything she wants him to say. Easy. She’ll probably give him a script to study beforehand too.

Just like her father, she is truly a coward.

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