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Governor elect Rick Scott hasn’t been sworn in yet but he already has a scandal on his hands (Well, another one if you don’t count the ones he had before the election).

It seems that when he said “Let’s get to work” to his campaign workers they somehow were under the impression that he would pay them. With money. Silly believers!

He actually paid them with gift cards instead of cash, and that is a no-no.

Part time campaign worker Mark Don Givens was surprised to get the news that instead of getting a paycheck from Scott for his work on the campaign, he would instead receive an American Express gift card. This in turn caused Givens to say he is “going Democrat.”

Scott’s campaign said there were “issues” in getting Givens a paycheck, hence the gift card. They say the card can be reimbursed for cash, minus a surcharge, which the campaign now says they will put on their tab.

Unfortunately the controversy may not go away that quickly:

“This would violate both tax laws and labor laws,” Melanie Sloan, the Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) told TPMmuckraker in an email. “It looks like the newly elected AG will be investigating the newly elected governor.

So when newly elected Republican Attorney General Pam-Palin-Bondi is sworn in she can investigate the Governor’s gift card scandal, if she can drag herself away from trying to strip Floridians and others of any health care reform benefits long enough to do so, that is. Then I’m sure she’ll get right on it.



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