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Florida Governor-elect Rick Scott finally takes questions from reporters, somewhat awkwardly, in Washington on offshore oil drilling, immigration, and upcoming meetings with John Boehner and President Obama, among other topics:

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“I don’t know how we market in Florida.”

"I don't recall, I don't know what you mean by...., what do you mean by...., I wouldn't know, I'm not sure, say the question again, I don't know what that definition is, I'm not sure I understand, I have no idea, I'm not sure what you mean by...., Could you define what you mean by....? It looks like my signature....but what's your question?"

Here is some long awaited footage from a deposition Rick Scott gave on March 17, 1995. Scott’s former company, Columbia/HCA Health was fined a record $1.7 billion on charges of Medicare fraud, although Scott was never charged. Scott invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination 75 times in another case.

To say he’s a bit “evasive” in this deposition is an understatement. Keep in mind as you watch, Scott is also a lawyer.

You can read a summary of the cases and depositions here.

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Marco Rubio holds himself out as one who is living the “American Dream” and was lucky enough to be able to do so because America is the “greatest country in the world” according to his stump speech. However, what was good enough for him apparently is not good enough for others. You see, Rubio doesn’t support the Dream Act. He also supports “English only” policies, but not English only votes when he runs campaign ads in Spanish in areas with heavy Hispanic populations, which he did with his recent campaign ad called “Padres.” It told the story of Rubio’s “American Dream” in Spanish, for any Hispanic voters who don’t speak English who may have missed Rubio’s story before.

Just another group of voters who Rubio hopes will vote against their own best interests by placing him in the U.S. Senate.

This ad might serve them better:

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Where all that corporate misinformation on health care comes from?


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Here’s the newest ad from Alex Sink illustrating Rick Scott and his history with Columbia/HCA, Medicare fraud, Solantic, and his “profits over patients” and business practices. It’s definitely worth watching.

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By now just about everyone has seen the ridiculous campaign ad from the Christine O’Donnell that begins with the now infamous words:


Of course, if you haven’t seen the ad, you can take a look at it below, along with a “rebuttal.”

Ms. O’Donnell says “I’m nothing you’ve heard, I’m you.” (Uh, no, you’re not “me” or anyone I’ve ever come in contact with quite frankly.)

I hate to tell her, but we’ve “heard” because she’s said as much herself on video. We’ve not only heard, we’ve seen her say she was a witch, among other things. She’s a “deep” sort who believes that mice have been cloned with human brains, her dad was “Bozo,” and were it not for her love of meatballs, she’d be approaching us in an airport somewhere with pamphlets instead of running for the U.S. Senate. But here we are.

Here is O’Donnell in all her “glory,” all dressed up in black along with her pearls, sans magic wand and “psst!” no flag pin!

Now below we have a “rebuttal” of sorts to the Christine O’Donnell ad:

(H/T The Maddow Blog)

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There are two new ads out from Democratic candidate for Governor, Alex Sink.

The first brings up the fact that Rick Scott took the fifth 75 times under oath during his former company’s investigation for Medicare fraud:

In the second ad, Sink defends herself against false accusations from Rick Scott’s ads against her. Various members of law enforcement endorse her while reminding voters of Rick Scott’s connections to Medicare fraud and his former company, Columbia/HCA. Sink also has a related fact sheet backing up her own claims. You can read those here.

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