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“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


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In the wake of the murders in Arizona, newly elected Republican Rep. Allen West says he has no plans to tone down his “stronger language.”

“Now that I’ve been sworn into Congress I’m still the type of person that if there are means by which I can inspire people I will use historical references and metaphors, which I have done. My background is I am a tough guy, and in tough times you have to use a little bit stronger language when you start talking about the future legacy of my country.

“Look, I am not anyone that anyone should be concerned about. I’m just an everyday guy,”

“Stronger language?”

“Just an everyday guy?”


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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in defense of Sarah Palin’s use of this “crosshairs map” for “targeting” Democrats and for fundraising purposes for the Republican Party, on March 25, 2010. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot yesterday was on the map, and several of the other Democrats also received threats. McCain also defends Palin’s corresponding Twitter comment: “Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: ‘Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!'”

“I have seen the rhetoric of targeted districts as long as I’ve been in politics,” he replied. “Please. This is — any threat of violence is terrible, but to say that there is a targeted district or that we ‘reload’ or go back in to the fight again, please…Those are fine. They’re used all the time.”

“Those words have been used throughout of my political career,” McCain added. “There are targeted districts, and there are areas that we call battleground states, and so please, that rhetoric and kind of language is just part of the political lexicon. There is no place for threats of violence or anything else, but to say that someone is in a battleground state is not originated today.”

“Maybe it has (caused concern), and we condemn any violence, any threats of violence,” responded McCain. “But I’ve heard all of that language throughout my political career.”

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Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona

Words have consequences.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik, on the shooting of Arizona Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others, along with those murdered today in Tucson, Arizona:

Pima County Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik offered an emotional, angry assessment of the state of America in the wake of the shootings in Arizona, saying that two of his close friends — Ms. Giffords and Judge John Roll – were among the victims.

Mr. Dupnik called the shooting a “very sad day for Tucson” and a “horrendous, horrendous, senseless, unbelievable crime.” And then he blamed the crime on the rhetoric — presumably political rhetoric — in the country.

“When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government,” he said. “The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on this country is getting to be outrageous and unfortunately Arizona has become sort of the capital. We have become the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”

Mr. Dupnik said it is time for the country to “do a little soul-searching.”

He added: “The vitriolic rhetoric that we hear day in and day out from people in the radio business and some people in the TV business … This has not become the nice United States that most of us grew up in.”

Later, he said: “It’s not unusual for all public officials to get threats constantly, myself included. That’s the sad thing about what’s going on in America: pretty soon we’re not going to be able to find reasonable decent people willing to subject themselves to serve in public office.”

We cannot allow this to be “the new normal.”

This has to stop. Now.

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“I’m opposed to giving people money for doing nothing.”

-Newt Gingrich, in South Carolina last week addressing the issue of unemployment benefits.

That’s a loaded quote, especially coming from a member of today’s Republican Party.

Gingrich was “testing the waters” on a possible Presidential run in 2012 with his speech. Wow. I’m sure he really won the crowd over! What’s not to love when someone like Gingrich implies that those collecting unemployment are lazy in a state where the unemployment rate is 10.6 percent?

Not only that, but think about his statement for a minute:

“I’m opposed to giving people money for doing nothing.”

If that’s the case, why is he in favor of those tax cuts for the top 2 percent of the wealthiest among us? He wants to give them a tax cut because they make over $250,000 a year. Isn’t that “giving people money for doing nothing” beyond making $249,000?

How about this? Republicans in Congress have done absolutely nothing for the past two years of Obama’s presidency, aside from merely showing up (well, most of the time) and saying “NO!” The last time I checked, they still earned a salary. The other day Mitch McConnell said if Obama thought the last two years of Republicans doing nothing were bad, to just wait as they were going to get worse. If they’re going to spend the next two years doing nothing but creating havoc and mucking things up with obstructionist tactics, do we still have to pay them for doing so?

But then Newt Gingrich knows of what he speaks. He’s an expert at getting paid for doing nothing. He just threatens to run for President every few years and the right-wing and the gullible empty their pockets for him. Why not do it all over again now and bash the unemployed while he’s at it?

Nice work if you can get it.

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“The other argument they made us well—it will be a distraction.  The notion is that, and it‘s really hot, you have these brave young men and women.  And they can stand on the firing line.  They can be shot at.  They can see their best friends blown up. But the sight of a lesbian would disarrange them and freak them out.  I think they underestimate these young people.  And we‘re going to finally get to—the distraction is the policy.”

– Rep. Barney Frank, on Republicans and repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

From “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” 12-16-10

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