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“I’m opposed to giving people money for doing nothing.”

-Newt Gingrich, in South Carolina last week addressing the issue of unemployment benefits.

That’s a loaded quote, especially coming from a member of today’s Republican Party.

Gingrich was “testing the waters” on a possible Presidential run in 2012 with his speech. Wow. I’m sure he really won the crowd over! What’s not to love when someone like Gingrich implies that those collecting unemployment are lazy in a state where the unemployment rate is 10.6 percent?

Not only that, but think about his statement for a minute:

“I’m opposed to giving people money for doing nothing.”

If that’s the case, why is he in favor of those tax cuts for the top 2 percent of the wealthiest among us? He wants to give them a tax cut because they make over $250,000 a year. Isn’t that “giving people money for doing nothing” beyond making $249,000?

How about this? Republicans in Congress have done absolutely nothing for the past two years of Obama’s presidency, aside from merely showing up (well, most of the time) and saying “NO!” The last time I checked, they still earned a salary. The other day Mitch McConnell said if Obama thought the last two years of Republicans doing nothing were bad, to just wait as they were going to get worse. If they’re going to spend the next two years doing nothing but creating havoc and mucking things up with obstructionist tactics, do we still have to pay them for doing so?

But then Newt Gingrich knows of what he speaks. He’s an expert at getting paid for doing nothing. He just threatens to run for President every few years and the right-wing and the gullible empty their pockets for him. Why not do it all over again now and bash the unemployed while he’s at it?

Nice work if you can get it.


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For three solid hours this morning, Morning Joe was an anti-Obama, anti-Democrat propaganda machine. I know, that’s what it always is, but this morning it was turned up several notches. I know because I reluctantly endured most of it.

It was also like free advertising for FOXGOP-TV, and goodness knows THEY don’t get enough air time. Thanks to Joe, Mika and the gang of parrots at the regular round-table, they hit all the bases.

So pardon me if I don’t find this little bit of really bad play acting on Joe’s part believable. He calls Mitch McConnell “pathetic” for saying this:

The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

Yes, I agree. It’s pathetic. But so were the other 179 minutes of Morning Joe (minus the ads) this morning. It always is. It’s about as close as you can get to FOXGOP-TV without actually being on FOX. I guess Joe is so bad they don’t even want him. Why MSNBC still does is beyond my comprehension. He’s an insult to those on the network who actually do the “real” news.

Of course, while Joe was busy playing Miss Scarlett without the fan, his “team” made up for it. Seriously, just look at the delight on Mika’s face along with the rest of the group.

Yes, it’s a pathetic statement. Almost as pathetic as Joe himself.

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Over the weekend, House Republican leader John Boehner hinted that he would be open to a compromise on the Bush-Cheney tax cuts to maintain lower rates for families earning less than $250,000 even if President Obama and Democrats “insisted” on ending the tax cuts for the rich.

“If the only option I have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, I’ll vote for them,” Mr. Boehner said in an interview on “Face the Nation” on CBS, during which the host, Bob Schieffer, pointedly asked whether Republicans would hold the tax breaks for most Americans “hostage” to keep the lower rates for the wealthy.

What a guy! Maybe Boehner was making such a bold statement because he feels the need to stand up for the middle class and he thinks that the wealthiest Americans, himself among them, should finally pay their fair share. Right? Right. And maybe Boehner’s glowing tan comes naturally without visits to the tanning salon between votes on the House floor! In other words, if John Boehner’s lips are moving, he’s asking for a tax break.

Those “fiscally conservative” Republicans made a move this afternoon that all but proves that “Boehner Lip Theory,” by introducing legislation to freeze the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell introduced the legislation, saying that it ensures that no one will pay higher income taxes next year than they pay now.

From TPM:

Of course, to truly put Democrats on the spot, they’ll need a vote on McConnell’s legislation. While they’re not guaranteed a vote, Democrats might push for one. Several of them have advocated extending all Bush tax cuts temporarily, and McConnell happily cited Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman’s statement from earlier today in which he said he’d do “everything I can to make sure Congress extends the so-called Bush tax cuts for another year and takes action to prevent the estate tax from rising back to where it was.”

More game playing from the Republicans. Some Democrats are nervous about going anywhere near the issue of extending the Bush tax cuts. Naturally Joe Lieberman is all too happy to step in. Poor Joe hasn’t gotten much attention since he tried to destroy the health care bill, so he’s probably thrilled at the prospect of mucking things up for the Democrats in a fresh new fight. Lieberman has no shame. He’s loaded, has health care courtesy of you and me, and he sees the lives and livelihood of Americans as a game. Just throw in another tax break for the Lieberman heirs, give Joe some dice and he’s good to go!

The High Price Of The Bush Tax Cuts

Recent opinion polls show that a majority of Americans would like to see the Bush tax cuts expire. The GOP myth has been debunked over and over on claims that those tax cuts are “paid for,” or that they don’t add to the deficit. Dick Cheney may have persuaded a few to believe that “deficits don’t matter,” but when your “deficit” comes in the form of a lost job and disappearing unemployment benefits, even a loyal “Bushie” smartens up. Those key words from the McConnell statement “no one” are aimed right at those who still believe:

The legislation, McConnell said, “ensures that no one in this country will pay higher income taxes next year than they are right now.”

“No one.” High income, low-income, no income.

President Obama isn’t kidding when he says the GOP are holding the middle class tax cuts hostage in order to keep the Bush tax cuts. He’s right on the money, and the GOP knows it. There’s a notable uptick in the GOP’s use of Twitter over the last few days as a media tool to lie and twist his words and say Obama is the one holding middle class tax cuts hostage. Why? Because they’re desperate and running out of ways to trick the voters in between distractions like Quran burnings and scaring people by exploiting 9-11. (They’re experts on that last one and they’ve taken it to a brand new low. Low EVEN for the GOP.)

So was John Boehner declaring a “BREAKING NEWS” calibre change in Republican policy by “standing up for the middle class” with his announcement? Is John Boehner’s skin color natural and found anywhere else in nature?

No, it’s more likely that Boehner threw the TV news media a bone he knew they would happily chase, and then say “we’re going to have to leave it there.” No more time for questions. After all, a lazy and easily distracted media will stick with the “shiny object” almost all the time. That way they might overlook another bigger story about John Boehner like this one from The New York Times:

“G.O.P. Leader Tightly Bound To Lobbyists”

….They have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaigns, provided him with rides on their corporate jets, socialized with him at luxury golf resorts and waterfront bashes and are now leading fund-raising efforts for his Boehner for Speaker campaign, which is soliciting checks of up to $37,800 each, the maximum allowed.

….“I get lobbied every day by somebody,” he said last month after a speech in Cleveland. “It could be by my wife. It could be the bellman. It goes on all day, every day, every place.”

Well, almost overlooked.

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And now for another episode of “Today In Condescension”

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, (a.k.a. “The Turtle”) had yet another hissy fit this morning when he was on ABC’s “This Week.” He’s always complaining and wagging his finger at someone.


So let’s see who was in the dog house today, shall we?

Uh oh, looks like the GOP are eating their own! Today McConnell was scolding the Republican National Committee, and its chairman, the one whose name McConnell dare not speak! (Shh! “Michael,” cough, cough, “Steele,” cough.)

It seems the RNC came up with a brand new strategy for fundraising that puts “the fun back in FUNdraising” by dividing donors into two groups, the “haves” and the “haves not much,” and mocking them by outlining precise tactics designed to suck as much money out of each of them as possible. It’s a simple idea, really. If you’re a “Have” (Big, rich donor; they don’t call you a “have” for nothing you know!) they’ll massage your ego. If you’re a “have not” (poor, easily fooled and manipulated Tea Bagger) they’ll scare the pants off you. Ka-ching!

So they had this brilliant idea, and they made it into a Power Point presentation and presented it to a bunch of rich donors down in Boca Grande, Fla. The only problem was the guy who gave the presentation (a former Bush stooge) left a copy of it lying around and a Democrat got a hold of it and it made its way into the hands of the media, and now Michael “What Up” Steele claims to know absolutely NOTHING about it! Who knew?

Well, Mitch McConnel is NOT happy about it!

McConnell blasted the Republican National Committee on Sunday for producing a fundraising presentation that mocked the President and congressional leadership as cartoon villains and socialists.

Who, McConnell? Show disrespect to the President? Pshaw! NEVER! Not him!

Asked about the document — which outlines how “ego-driven” wealthy donors could be persuaded to take out their checkbooks — the Kentucky Republican called it “certainly not helpful” to the Republican cause.

It is “certainly not helpful” now that those dopes left that stuff lying around for everyone to see! Good luck getting them to give us money now! This is bad for our… cause, our… cause…the cause……what was our cause again?

“I can’t imagine why anybody would have thought that was helpful,” McConnell added.

So McConnell pretends that a racist picture of Obama with the word “socialism” on it isn’t helpful, while blocking health care reform legislation that he calls “socialized medicine” is helpful?

“Typically the way parties raise money is because people believe in the causes they advocate.”

The “causes” the Republican Party (and McConnell) believes in would be blocking things like health care reform, unemployment benefits, jobs bills, financial reform and regulations, credit card regulations, energy bills, alternative energy, tax incentives, prescription drug benefits, Iraq war funding, antiterrorism and counterterrorism operations, voter representation, (in Washington D.C., which McConnell himself said was unconstitutional) pay discrimination claims, employee free choice act, foreclosure prevention, to name just a few.

In other words, using the filibuster to block almost everything that this administration tries to do, and bringing the country to a halt until….the Grand Obstructionist Party comes back into power sometime in the future?

“I think the way we raise money from donors across America is to stand for things that are important for the country.”

The GOP doesn’t raise money by standing for things that are important for the country. They raise money for things that are important to the Republican Party. Period. The way the GOP raises money from donors across the country is by lying to those donors, a fact that they illustrated quite accurately in that “putting the fun back in fundraising” presentation. They raise money by doing things like this,

because they think the American people are as stupid as they are. Their claim to “stand for things that are important for the country” is just a small part of the manipulation. How many times in the past few weeks have you heard Mitch McConnell, or Eric Cantor, or John Boehner say something like this: “The American people don’t want health care reform!” Are you one of those people who don’t want health care reform? No? Do you know anyone who feels that way? Do you know anyone who has ever said that? Besides one of those guys? Didn’t think so.

Getting back to McConnell and his feigned outrage over that RNC Fundraising presentation, well I’ll bet McConnell is SO ANGRY that they will put an end to this kind of nonsense in a hurry! I’ll just bet this is the last time we see anything like this! Surely someone will pay for this, won’t they?

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, McConnell was asked whether someone at the RNC should resign over the fundraising snafu.

The Senate leader didn’t take the bait.

“Well look, I don’t run the RNC,” he said. “That’s up to them. But I don’t like it and I don’t know anybody else who does.”

Oh, I think we know SOMEONE who does.

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