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“Beach Peanuts” Has Moved

New address here: Beach Peanuts

Beach Peanuts is fast approaching its second “birthday” and in honor of the occasion I thought it was time to relocate and redecorate. What started out here as a small “experimental” blog in May 2009 has been a positive one and because of that, it has outgrown the original site. Also, it was just time for a change. In order for the blog to grow, I made the decision to move, and I hope my readers will “move with me.” As much as I like the old site, I think this one will be a better fit.

The original Beach Peanuts site here on WordPress will stay up as is, but only as an archive from May 2009 up to Feb. 24, 2011. All new posts will be on my new site here from now on. If I decide to relocate the archives from the old site, I will post a notice, but for now the old site will remain as is.

I hope you’ll like the new site as much as I do, and hope that you will all “move” with me by updating your bookmarks and feeds to the new location: http://www.beachpeanuts.com/ I also hope you’ll be patient with me as I get used to the new site and work out all the inevitable kinks that go along with switching platforms.

That being said, I’ll get back to “tidying up” my new “home” so I can continue doing what I love to do, anything I can to help Florida and the Country turn back to “Blue!”

Thanks for your patience and I hope to see you all at the new site!

– Inkberries


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Well, the latest move on the proposed ban on oil drilling from the Florida Legislature is just one more illustration of how bad things are politically in the State Of Florida now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve much. At least not while we’re under the control of the Florida wing of the Crazy Uncle Party.

Not until we can vote them out of there.

That being said, I can’t think of a better time to get a refresher course on the next political battle plan, so this Beach Peanut is heading to Netroots Nation in Las Vegas, probably the only place hotter than Tallahassee at the moment, where the sparks are indeed flying.

It’s been a busy summer for my Beach Peanuts “Team,” one of which who is touring colleges, and our quest continues. Because I’ve been on the road quite a bit the last couple months I haven’t had as much time to write as I usually do. Not that there’s a lack of material of course. (Re: Crazy Uncle Party, take a gander at the categories over there on the right of my site and pick a few if you need a reminder. There’s plenty to choose from and in all different degrees of the crazy!) My postings in the next week or so may be lighter than usual as well. However, I will post as often as time and place permit. I’ll be on Twitter as well. I’ll also report back on the happenings with the Netroots. It will be great fun and very interesting and I’m really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, do whatever you can to stay cool, take care, and of course, try your best to steer clear of any stray Republicans you might come across until my next post!

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I have just returned from vacation and will be writing about that soon enough, but first I have a special “Thank You” to extend.

When I returned home I discovered that Beach Peanuts has been nominated for “Best State Blog” in the 2010 Florida Netroots Awards, for which I am honored. This is the first time I’ve been nominated since I began writing this blog just a little over a year ago, and  I would like to thank anyone who nominated Beach Peanuts. I am so very appreciative! I am up against some fantastic and tough competition and I’m thrilled to be included among them.

The voting process for the awards is now open until July 10, and you can vote here, should you be so inclined. 🙂 Of course, it goes without saying that I would love to have your vote!

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Because the BP oil disaster story is not going anywhere anytime soon, nor is there an end in sight as far as the leak goes, I’m starting a new “series” of posts here at Beach Peanuts, entitled “Must Be Something In The Water.”

Whenever I find something of particular interest regarding the oil spill, anything about it or BP, that for whatever reason doesn’t warrant a larger post, I will file it under that title. There is just so much information, AND misinformation out there, and so many aspects of the story I want to investigate and write about here that I could spend virtually every waking moment doing so. However, I can’t do that, nor do I want to. This is one solution for purposes of information overload.

Whether it’s a “quote of the day,” a significant event or information, be it fact, fiction or funny, but there just isn’t enough for a full post, you’ll find it here. And yes, I know there’s nothing funny about an oil spill. But let’s face it, “humor happens.” I’ve experienced a great deal of tragedy in my life and having a sense of humor helps. (Seriously, try it sometime. Snark is a great outlet for anger and a safe one at that.)

So without further adieu, today’s “Must Be Something In The Water” involves what might well be MORE of what’s in the water in the near future: oil.

Series Of New Blowouts? Bill Nelson: Oil May Be Seeping Up From The Sea Bed

According to Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), they’re seeing something new down there on the sea bed. There are reports of oil seeping up from the sea bed that would indicate that the well casing is pierced. This could mean that even the relief wells currently being drilled won’t help unless you get the plug low enough where the pipe is breached.

This is NOT good news.

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The Fourth Annual Florida Netroots Awards for Florida blogging and online activism are just around the corner. The winners will be announced in July.

The nominations for the awards are now open. The categories and nomination details and information can be found here on the Florida Progressive Coalition website. Nominations will be open until midnight on June 25th.


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In my last post I wrote about an article from the Guardian that explains details about the $380 million that special interest groups and lobbyists have spent so far in an attempt to defeat health care reform legislation. It was a really good article, and about something that you would hope our own news media would report on. But the news media in this country has dropped the ball over the years. They were essentially enablers in the Iraq war. Then they “confessed” that they could have done a better job there. I was among those who hoped just maybe there was a slight chance they would start doing their job better after that. I was wrong. Now they’re back at it again, this time for the most part they’re regurgitating GOP talking points, and misinformation about health care reform.

As far as this article in the Guardian, I didn’t find it easily, and I didn’t find it through mainstream media outlets. These days, as most of us know, if you’re looking for hard news you look online, and through the blogosphere. (I don’t care for that word either: “blogosphere,” it sounds more like an alien news outlet, or worse, a place where another alien like creature – Rod Blagojevich – resides, but that is the popular term these days, so there you go.)

That is how I found it, in a Daily Kos diary under the headline: UK press does the job the U.S. media won’t. That’s true. One of the things I write about a lot, because it ticks me off no end, is how truly awful the media has become. So the headline got me thinking, and I decided to see what the mainstream media websites had as their main headline news stories today.

I went to the MSNBC website and found that they had declared Obama’s trip to get the Olympics a “high profile failure.” (Really?) Then there were the NFL’s top tailgating towns, and that longer lives are an upside to the recession. Nothing about health care though. (Shock!) And then there was this little gem:

“Were You Paying Attention? Take our QUIZ – How much do you remember about the week in news? Take msnbc.com’s weekly quiz and find out what you can recall.

The questions were on things like the tsunamis, earthquakes, Roman Polanski, science, China, Obama & the Olympics (pre-high profile failure), Detroit Lions curse, Circus tycoons in space, David Letterman sex scandal monologue,  and Conan O’Brien who “concussed” himself.

Other than the natural disasters and the skeleton discovery, was that really a “news” quiz? I guess one person’s news is another one’s pop culture. And health care? What health care?

I think that someone’s ability to recall or remember the week in news is dependent on having access to the news in the first place.

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